Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Playing with dolls: A Play by Play

Tonight E. asked me to play dolls with her.  I finally agreed.  I don't really like to play.  My girls are very dramatic, and if I suggest something, one of them always changes my suggestion.  So, I get mad and leave!  Haha!  So it's better that they play by themselves!  Which they actually did earlier today!  It was so wonderful to hear them from the living room playing so nicely!  And for quite a while too!  And then, a scream pierced the air, and the wailing started.  Apparently nail polish was thrown against a throat, and that was the end of the peaceful playtime.  :(

Anyway, tonight, E. wanted someone to play with.  I felt bad for her, so I told her I would.  Here's a play by play:

- I was given a barbie, and she had a mini Bratz doll (named Belle) and another mini doll (named Haleigh)  (surprising to some, I know!).  I asked her what my girl's name should be.  She suggested Haleigh, which I turned down as boring.  She gasped and looked up real quick and said, "I know a great name!  Erin!"  I said that that would be perfect!

- We were going to Dora's house (which is Belle's treehouse) for lunch.  I rang the doorbell, and walked inside.  She said "I'm so glad you came over, Erin!  I have something for you!"  I followed her into the kitchen, and she had me sit down at the table.  She was serving lunch!  She started eating, and I asked her what we were eating.  She was going on and on about how delicious her meal was!  She answered, "It's penne!"  LOL!  (I guess she listens when I'm cooking!)

- She decided that we should go to Dora's pool and hang out and swim in the deep end.  My barbie took up the whole pool, but that's ok!  I spied Batman and Dora figurines and invited them to come over and swim too.  I stood them up on the deck of the pool and started having a conversation with them.  E.'s Belle took Batman inside Dora's house and E started whispering back and forth like they were having a whisper fight!  She came back down, and apologized for being gone!  Haha!  I said, "Is everything ok?  Do you want me to leave?"  She replied with a laugh, "Oh no!  Everything's fine, dear!"  LOLOL

-E. set up some little houses in a semi-circle, and those were her hair salons.  I asked her if she had any customers, to which she responded with, No, they don't buyed things here."
-She brought a dog out of one of the houses and was showing me.  I said, "Oh, what a cute doggie!  What's her name?"  She said, "Sniffy."  I had to ask, "Does she sniff a lot?"  She said in all seriousness, "All the time."

-After saying that Erin was going to bed for the night, E. said that she was going to her "real house" (the doll house), and sat down to play.  She looked at the upheaval around the back of the house, and said with a pout, "My house is so trashy!  But, I can make it so beautiful!"

Playing dolls with E. is actually funny!  The things that she says are hysterical!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Surgery and school drivers

Today I was cleaning the toy room, and E. decided to do surgery on Bubby.  Who knows what the problem was, but she laid Bubby down on the floor, and grabbed her tools.  Her tools consisted of a screw driver, screws, and bits?  Plastic toys that went w/ J.'s workbench when he was a toddler.  They have since been passed down and now the little one is playing with them in a whole new way!  Who'd have thought that you could use a screw driver as a surgical instrument?!

So, here we are in the toy room O.R., & Bubby is laying on the floor, aka, operating table.   E. starts talking:  "It's ok Bubby, I'm just going to use my tools.  Hand me the school driver.  Here's the school driver."  She put the "school driver" into the bit on Bubby's stomach and started to drill!  LOL!  I had to leave the room, I wanted to laugh so hard!

I came back in, and she proceeds to tell me that all of her tools are Daddy's tools, and he has let her borrow them to work on Bubby.  Oh that mind! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All good mothers.....

Tonight we were making dinner, and one of the things we were making was grilled pineapple.  I was mixing up brown sugar and cinnamon to coat the pieces of pineapple.  E. climbed up on the chair and asked if she could help me.  I could see a disaster waiting to happen, and so I told her no.  She replied, "All good mothers let their daughters help them cook."!!!!  How can you argue with that when it comes out of a 3 year old's mouth?!  So, I let her help me.  I coated the pineapple slices and she took them and placed them (actually kind of threw them) on the plate.  She started to complain that her hands were getting dirty.  I kindly reminded her that she asked to help, and she didn't say another word until it was done.  What a smarty pants!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Just Roll With It

Today, our school district had a two hour delay.  Not sure why, as there was no snowstorm billowing outside our door.  We all were able to sleep in today, so that was nice!

I was making my bed this morning when J. came in and exclaimed, "I'm so glad it's Saturday!"  I replied, "It's Friday!"  He looked at the clock, which read 8:45 and with a look of horror yelled, "We're going to be late for school!"
I reassured him that we had a two hour delay today, so rest easy!  He exhaled and said, "Well, when I got up, I looked at my clock, and thought, "Today's Friday", and said "Just roll with it."!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

School Conferences

Tonight we visited our children's classrooms and had discussions w/ their teachers.  We received great reports!  Which makes us happy that we seem to be doing an ok job of raising our kids!  Personality quirks that we need to work on, but overall, we have smart kids who are respectful to others, participate in class and are overall good kids!  :D

Since we visited each of the older kids' schools, E. kept asking to go to HER school!  She's in 2 day preschool.  She kept saying that we have to go to her classroom and talk to her teacher.  She was SO mad when we drove home without driving to her school!  Haha!

J. and O. were reminiscing about their preschool days, and singing songs that they learned then, on the way home.  J. said that he remembers playing the dumbbells.  I said to him, "Um, don't you mean the hand bells?!"  He burst out laughing!  So funny!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pretend I ate my dinner!

You know, sometimes being a parent is really hard.  Here's one example:

Last night we had marinated grilled pork chops, green beans and brown rice for dinner.  We had to leave by a certain time so that I could read at church.  Everyone ate everything on their plates except E.  She wasn't hungry, she kept saying.  She would ask how many more bites.  We told all of them that if they ate their dinner and were good in church, we would get them ice cream sundaes at McDonalds.  THAT didn't even sway her!  She would NOT eat.  So, the time came that we HAD to leave.  E. ran away from the table and started to cry because she wanted ice cream.  I said, "You have to eat your dinner and then you can have ice cream."  She said, "Can't you pretend that I ate my dinner?"  OH it's so hard to say no!!!!!  Who thinks like that?!  She's only 3!!!!!  I guess I'm in a world of trouble if she already out-thinks me at 3 years old!

We did buy her ice cream, and it's currently in the freezer, waiting for her.  She did come home and eat SOME of her dinner, but then quickly fell asleep. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keeping busy

Today the big toy book arrived in the mail. My older two flew through it, circling their Christmas wish list items like experts. Then it just sat there. So, E. picked it up after dinner tonight and starts circling things as well. I asked her if she knew what she was doing and she said, "yes, i'm circling things.". I asked her if she knew why she was circling things, and she replied, "i need something to do."! Ok then! Circle away Ms. Know it all!